Crash-and-burn TV -- ''Bangers,'' ''City of Angels,'' and ''J.J. Arms'' are jut a few of the pilots we'd ground this season

By Bruce Fretts and Benjamin Svetkey
April 09, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

‘Tis the season for producers to pitch new series — and this year’s crop of pilots includes even more half-baked and quarter-baked concepts than usual:

ADVENTURES IN ACCOUNTING (NBC) A humble numbers cruncher lives out her Walter Mitty-ish fantasies. For fans of Fox’s short-lived Great Scott. Both of them.

BANGERS (ABC) PC poster boy Andrew Dice Clay stretches his acting muscles as the leader of a crime-busting force in this action drama. Ba-da-bing, ba-da-bang.

CITY HIGH (Fox) Continuing his meteoric plunge down the ladder of fame, Hammer stars as a high school teacher who raps about history to inner-city kids. Note to Hammer: U Can’t Touch Them.

CITY OF ANGELS (CBS) Is God dead? Nope, he’s working as a taxicab dispatcher in this unholy-sounding family drama. Yeah, and Louie De Palma’s up for Pope.

J.J. ARMS (CBS) A disarming drama about an armless detective. But will it have legs?

SUB-POP P.I. (Fox) You can declare the Seattle scene officially dead now that ultra-L7 producer Dick Wolf (Law & Order) is peddling this pilot about a grunge detective. Smells like a real stinker.