Cross-dressing Hollywood -- Jaye Davidson, Johnny Depp, and John Hurt are among the actors who play the opposite gender on film


Who says Jaye Davidson will never work again? Over the past decade, cross-dressing has been popular in music (see Boy George and Ru Paul) and TV (Dame Edna and Phil Donahue). But Hollywood filmmakers have been dragging their heels. Until now.

”Movies are the last bastion of trends,” says actor-playwright Charles Busch, who popularized drag in Off Broadway’s Vampire Lesbians of Sodom. He will appear as Countess Aphasia du Barry in Addams Family Values, due out at Thanksgiving, and he’s not the screen’s only gender bender:

*Female impersonator Lypsinka (né John Epperson) portrays himself in the upcoming AIDS drama Philadelphia.

*Johnny Depp plays cult filmmaker and transvestite Ed Wood Jr. (Glen or Glenda?) in Tim Burton’s next project.

*John Hurt takes on the role of the Countess in Gus Van Sant’s adaptation of Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, out in July.

Julia Sweeney will reprise her Saturday Night Live character Pat in an upcoming movie. But she denies she’s part of the cross-dressing crowd: ”Pat isn’t in drag. Pat just wears the clothes that make Pat look best.”