Model guide -- From Kate Moss to Christie Brinkley, who's hot and who's not in the land of the supermodel

By Rebecca Ascher-Walsh
March 05, 1993 at 05:00 AM EST

Don’t hate them because they’re beautiful — models have enough trouble surviving the minefield that is fashion, where 25 can be over the hill and breasts can actually go out of style. For those just trying to keep up with who’s in and who’s out, here’s our official guide to the front lines.

NEW RECRUITS Poised for combat.
*Ralph Lauren’s Tyra, 19
*Valentino’s Patricia Hartman, 21
*Elle fave Beverly Peele, 17
*Vogue regular Amber Valletta, 19
*Versace’s Shalom, 19
*Allure‘s March cover, Leilani Bishop, 17

PRIVATES FIRST CLASS This year’s model: preferably gamine and curve-free (although Christensen and Taylor are bodacious holdouts).
*Lagerfeld’s Helena Christensen, 24
*Lagerfeld’s Kristen McMenamy, 28
*Cover Girl’s Niki Taylor, 17
*Calvin Klein’s Kate Moss, 19
*Yves Saint Laurent’s Lucie de la Falaise, 20
*Revlon’s Veronica Webb, 28

DISTINGUISHED SERVICE They served with honor. Time will tell if there’s life beyond the runway.
*Christy Turlington, 23
*Elaine Irwin, 24
*Claudia Schiffer, 22
*Naomi Campbell, 22
*Linda Evangelista, 28

MIAs Future escorts for Donald Trump.
*Carre Otis, 24
*Elle Macpherson, 28
*Stephanie Seymour, 24

STRICTLY KP Novelty act, but prime calender material.
*Guess? girl Anna Nicole Smith, 24

PURPLE HEART Always good for a product endorsement.
*Christie Brinkley, 39

FOUR-STAR GENERALS Even cabdrivers know their names.
*Cindy Crawford, 27
*Isabella Rossellini, 40