''Sommersby'' made headlines this week

By Sharon Isaak
Updated March 05, 1993 at 05:00 AM EST

CIVIL WARES: The Virginia mansion where Richard Gere and Jodie Foster filmed Sommersby will open as a $70-a-night bed and breakfast on July 1. The Warwickton Mansion in Bath County (pop. 4,800) was already being renovated by Pam and Ron Stidham when the movie’s location scouts arrived. The crew helped refurbish the pre-Civil War building, though the Stidhams still found the process stressful. ”With all those people around, we had no control,” says Ron Stidham, but it wasn’t all bad. ”I talked with Richard almost every day,” says Stidham. ”Jodie was all business at the beginning, but after a while we chewed the fat.”