Designers' celebrity muses -- Donna Karen dresses Barbra Streisand while Liz Taylor wears Versace

By Michael Musto
Updated March 05, 1993 at 05:00 AM EST

Celebrities generally wear Armani to the Academy Awards, but at the designer’s recent New York City party to launch his new fragrance, Giò, Armani wore celebrities. He was surrounded by a glittering constellation — including Cher, Whoopi, Sigourney, and Bobby (De Niro) — all exuding the show-biz radiance that’s de rigueur at such events. And only a few days earlier, the 12th Annual Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards Gala was a veritable who’s who of whoop-de-do, rivaling the Oscars in star power (and improving upon it in couture). Seems like these days a designer isn’t legit without a token celeb/muse — and vice versa. One possible reason: Like that old explanation for Fred and Ginger’s chemistry, designers (being Fred) give celebs class, and celebs (being Ginger) give designers sex. At any rate, here’s a partial list of who worships at the shrine of whom:

*House of Karan: Barbra Streisand

*House of Versace: Steven Seagal, Elton John, Sting, Liz Taylor

*House of Jacobs: Tatum O’Neal, Sofia Coppola, Andie MacDowell, Sonic Youth (the grunge stamp of approval)

*House of Mizrahi: Sandra Bernhard

*House of Gaultier: Madonna, En Vogue

*House of Dolce & Gabbana: Madonna

*House of Zoran: Isabella Rossellini

*House of Oldham: Susan Sarandon, David Byrne, Vanessa Williams

*House of Mugler: Deee-Lite’s Lady Kier Kirby

*House of Sui: Mick Jagger (he sported one of her men’s jackets on Saturday Night Live), Spike Lee

*House of Klein: Winona Ryder, Sharon Stone, Marky Mark, Miranda Richardson, Bianca Jagger, Jessica Lange