February 26, 1993 at 05:00 AM EST

Michael Jackson may have been the man of the hour and a half, but his interview turned the spotlight on a whole gallery of supporting players. Who got kissed, and who got dissed? Here’s the rundown.


1. OPRAH WINFREY Softball questions aside, nobody else could have drawn Michael out as skillfully. Winfrey gets bragging rights as the new queen of the celeb interview until someone comes along who can top her ratings. Don’t hold your breath.

2. BROOKE SHIELDS She’s baaack. Even if you don’t buy the girlfriend-boyfriend thing for a minute, you can have fun imagining what they talk about on their dates. Don’t expect any lurid details, though: After all, Michael is a virg — uh, gentleman.

3. JAMES BROWN The Hardest Working Man in Show Business gets the respect he deserves from the King of Pop, Rock, and Soul. Now how about a new title?

4. DERMATOLOGISTS Michael’s announcement triggered a veritable stampede of instant morning-show and talk-radio medical experts. All together now — it’s pronounced vi-ti-LYE-go.


1. PRESIDENT CLINTON If a national town meeting falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound? We bet even Chelsea was watching Michael and Oprah.

2. HOMICIDE Way to go, NBC: Take the classiest critical hit of the TV season and schedule it against a steamroller. Even a third-place network should know enough to get out of Michael’s way.

3. JOSEPH JACKSON Michael tells 90 million of his friends that you called him ugly and beat him, then says, ”Sorry, Joseph.” But there is a consolation prize: You’re now the most famous bad dad in America!

4. LA TOYA JACKSON We know, we know — you tattled on the family first. But you’re still such a bore that even Michael didn’t bother to read your book.

5. ELIZABETH TAYLOR What becomes a legend most? We’re not sure — but it definitely isn’t black leggings, cha-cha heels, a sequined pullover, and mall hair. Keep the loyal friendship; lose the look.

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