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By EW Staff
February 26, 1993 at 05:00 AM EST

Mail from our readers


I was glad to see EW give the gorgeous and multitalented Whitney Houston the recognition she deserves (#156, Feb. 5). I’ve seen The Bodyguard three times, and I think the reviews are way too harsh. I’m glad the public was smart enough not to listen and made the movie so successful (to the tune of over $100 million)!
Donna Hinz

Thanks for your article on Whitney Houston. I think she’s the greatest female singer around. She is blessed with beauty and an emotionally stirring voice. I wish her the best of luck in the future, especially with her soon-to-come baby.
Benjamin Quinto
New York City

I used to be a faithful fan of the Four-Letter-Word Queen Whitney Houston. But if her language is any indication of this young mother’s plans to ”teach them well and let them lead the way,” then I’m not looking forward to her contribution to the children of tomorrow.
Steve West

Your sidebar, ”How to Market a Monster,” contained a slight error. On the subject of great movie posters, your writer recalled Richard Gere carrying Julia Roberts ”down that fire escape in Pretty Woman.” He never carried her down that fire escape; he climbed up it to kiss her. Remember: Gere’s character was afraid of heights. Carrying Roberts down would have been asking a lot!
Tara DuBovik


I just read ”Aladdin Stirs Arabian Gripes.” Give me a break! Isn’t the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee stretching things just a bit? The movie doesn’t show Arabs as barbarians. I think a few people should read up on some history before they start screaming discrimination. In the time the movie depicts, Arabia was a violent place. The sultan had the power of life and death over all of his subjects. Anyone old enough to tell the difference between today’s ”Arabia” and the Arabia of centuries ago knows enough to put the song (”Arabian Nights”) into context. Those not old enough don’t care anyway; they’re just there to see Robin Williams as Genie. Anyone who whines about Aladdin should rent Lawrence of Arabia. There’s more Arab barbarism in 5 seconds of Lawrence than in 86 minutes of Aladdin.
Sheryl Fitzgerald
Riverside, Calif.


Thank you for your Encore on Karen Carpenter, ”Unfinished Melody.” I became a fan at age 6, when my sister brought home the Carpenters’ first albums, and have been hooked ever since. During the 10 years following her death, I still find myself listening to, enjoying, and admiring their music.
David Weeden
Jenks, Okla.

I hoped that someone, somewhere, would remember the 10th anniversary of the death of Karen Carpenter. I was relieved but not surprised when I saw the article on the last page of your magazine. Thank you; it made my day.
Patrick S. Young
Woodberry Forest, Va.