Loggins & Messina redux -- Poison and N2Deep sample the '70s folk singers' songs

By David Browne
Updated February 26, 1993 at 05:00 AM EST

Forget James Brown and Lou Reed. The most influential musical force running rampant through today’s pop scene is…Loggins & Messina? A slight exaggeration, perhaps, but the prototypical ’70s folk-wimpies — who lulled AM listeners with hits like ”Your Mama Don’t Dance” and ”Danny’s Song” before breaking up in 1976 — have been popping up an awful lot lately. Brooks & Dunn are not only longtime L&M fans, but their Hard Workin’ Man includes a new song by semiretired Jim Messina (Messina also sings on the track). Poison remade ”Your Mama Don’t Dance”; even more striking, rappers N2Deep sampled the bass line from ”Angry Eyes” for their own ”What the F**k Is Goin’ On?”

Well, what is going on? ”A friend of mine brought the record (Loggins & Messina’s greatest-hits album, Best of Friends) into the studio, and that bass part stood out,” says Johnny Z, who produced N2Deep’s debut album. ”You’d never even think about sampling the other songs on the album,” he says, ”but there’s always one.”

A larger Loggins & Messina revival may be on the bell-bottomed horizon. The duo, who happen to live in the same town (Santa Barbara, Calif.), reunited for a few local political benefits last year and are said to be writing songs together. Their old label has a boxed set in the works. Then there’s Kenny’s cousin Dave Loggins, who wrote and sang ”Please Come to Boston” (frequently covered in concert by Garth Brooks) and wrote Wynonna Judd’s ”She Is His Only Need.” But that’s another story…