Beautiful arm candy -- From Matt Dillon to Marky Mark, Hollywood's most eligible bachelors have been spotted with Brooke Shields

By Doug Brod
February 26, 1993 at 05:00 AM EST

Michael Jackson may say she belongs to him, but Brooke Shields continues to be snapped with some of the other most eligible bachelors in Hollywood. She says the men at her side aren’t always dates, though. ”If the person I’m with is unaware of what it’s like to be in public, then I’ll say, ‘Get ready, tell your parents to buy the Enquirer,”’ she says. ”There’s a grain of truth in pictures (of) people that you’re seen with. You were at the same party, maybe you went out together, but very rarely is any of (the speculation) true.” Here’s a list of some of the men in her strobe-lit life:

1. MATT DILLON (1979) The following year he costarred in a movie that must have seemed shocking to Shields: Little Darlings, in which two teen girls compete to lose their virginity.

2. ROBBY BENSON (1980) Shields has said her fellow child star ”was the first person I felt was a boyfriend.”

3. WILLIAM KENNEDY SMITH (1980) She made the scene with the party animal 11 years before his big date — in court.

4. MARTIN HEWETT (1981) Their on-screen Love maybe have been Endless, but both found stardom to be anything but; his career fizzled even more quickly than hers.

5. DAVID GEFFEN (1981) Any beautiful music made with the gay record mogul was presumably on a strictly professional level.

6. DODI FAYED (1985) The Egyptian executive producer of 1981’s Chariots of Fire squired Shields in the mid-’80s.

7. DAVID LEE ROTH (1986) The rocker may be ”Just a Gigolo,” but that didn’t stop Shields from posing with him at New York City’s Palladium nightclub.

8. GEORGE MICHAEL (1986) The pop star’s exhortations of ”I Want Your Sex” must have fallen on deaf ears with Shields, who just a year earlier claimed to be a virgin.

9. NICHOLAS CAGE (1987) If they smooched, at least it was before he popped a live roach in his mouth for 1989’s Vampire’s Kiss.

10. MIKE TYSON (1988) Fortunately, she was never cornered by the not-so-gentle giant.

11. DAVID KEITH (1989) With the costar of 1982’s An Officer and a Gentleman, it was a wrap.

12. JOHN TRAVOLTA (1989) Shields and he went out ”as friends,” her mother said in 1983, adding, ”John and Brooke would have been the hottest item out of Hollywood.”

13. LIAM NEESON (1992) Though she and this Irish Casanova were rumored to have been engaged, he has recently been linked with Barbra Streisand.

14. RAY LIOTTA (1992) Shields and the GoodFellas star were said to have been more than just goodbuddies.

15. MARKY MARK (1992) Did she come between him and his Calvins?