Super Bowl commercials -- A postgame wrap-up of the best and worst ads

By Owen Edwards
Updated February 12, 1993 at 05:00 AM EST

At $850,000 per 30-second pop, even Ross Perot might have blanched at buying ad time during the Super Bowl on Jan. 31. But hardly anybody else did. Here’s a postgame wrap-up of the spots, from worst to best:

THIS DUD’S FOR YOU Bud Bowl V had big-league special effects and bold commentary by MTV’s Duff, looking buff in black, but this never-ending battle of the bottles has become a real clinker. D

WORD TO YOUR FATHER This Crystal Pepsi rock video (to the tune of Van Halen’s ”Right Now”), directed by Bob Dylan’s son Jesse, indicates the kid may have overdosed on Dad’s cryptic poetry. If you can explain ”Right now is more refreshing than ever,” the next round’s on us. C-

REEBOK TO THE FUTURE NBA rookie Shaquille O’Neal steps through a time warp to confront Hoops Who legends like Bill Walton, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Wilt Chamberlain. O’Neal earns points for not being overexposed, but he still has some big shoes to fill. C+

HORSE PLAY McDonald’s variation on the old playground game has Larry Bird and Michael Jordan one-upping each other with impossible shots (off the freeway, over the scoreboard, etc.) in an Olympian struggle for…a Big Mac. B

FEATHER FIGURE Two cautionary tales from Lee’s Relax Fit jeans about what happens when you try to squeeeeeze yourself into a pair of too-tight pants: One’s a double entendre shadow play and the other’s the tale of a hapless soul who inhales a canary while trying to suck in his stomach. A

WEE WILLY LOMAN Pepsi’s tour de farce of a teen watching his future in fast-forward — marrying, middle managing, lawn mowing, retiring to Florida in pants up to his arm pits — gets the ad-game ball. A+