Steven Spielberg's digs -- The ''Schindler's List'' director plans to renovate a country mansion in Poland

By Leonard Klady
February 12, 1993 at 05:00 AM EST

Residents of Kraków are having a close encounter of the Steven Spielberg kind. The director, who arrives in Poland by March 1 to film Schindler’s List (starring Liam Neeson), was so appalled by the accommodations he found during a location scout last year, he decided to buy and renovate a country mansion.

”It’s not a castle,” insists a spokeman, ”just a manor. He’s refurbishing it, bringing it into the ’90s.” Spielberg’s also shipping seven rooms of furniture, so he’ll be comfortable during his three-month shoot. Who’s paying for these posh Polish digs? Sources say it will be Spielberg, not Universal. But given the exchange rate with the Polish zloty, Spielberg will probably spend less than he did on a single minute of his $55 million Jurassic Park, due this summer.