Prince's protegees -- Carmen Electra is the Purple One's latest music muse

By David Browne
Updated February 12, 1993 at 05:00 AM EST

Another year, another female protégée for Prince: in this case, former ballet and jazz dancer Carmen Electra, who has just made her sonic debut on his Paisley Park label. We wish her well — we really do — but we’re also a little concerned, given the fate of past Prince spin-offs:

VANITY (real name: Denise Matthews) Life With Prince: Lead singer of Vanity 6, one of Prince’s first puppet bands. Life After Prince: Playboy model and costar of such meaningful dramas as The Last Dragon and Action Jackson. She has recently become a born-again Christian and continues her thespian career with roles in TV dramas like Jackie Collins’ ”Lady Boss.”

APOLLONIA (Patricia Kotero) Life With Prince: Costar of Purple Rain and lead singer of the group Apollonia 6, which replaced Vanity 6 in Prince’s studio boudoir. Life After Prince: Displayed her ability to stretch as an actress by playing a pop singer named Apollonia during the 1985-86 season of Falcon Crest. Busted for suspicion of possession of pot in 1989 while doing ”research” for a role in a low-budget movie. She paid a $75 fine.

WENDY (Melvoin) and LISA (Coleman) Life With Prince: Guitarist and keyboardist, respectively, with the Revolution until Prince disbanded the group in 1986; also had roles in Purple Rain. Life After Prince: Had one modest hit single (”Waterfall,” 1987) but failed to repeat that success. Attempted a comeback with a movie theme song; unfortunately, the movie was Toys.

CAT (Cathy Glover) Life With Prince: Former Chicago ”club dancer” who shimmied and sang backup on his Lovesexy album and tour. Life After Prince: Moved to London, where she recorded an album that Warner Bros. chose not to release. Current activities unknown, but there’s always club dancing….

KIM BASINGER Life With Prince: Supposed paramour during Batman (1989); contributed spicy backup moanings to an extended mix of that soundtrack’s ”Scandalous.” Life After Prince: Recorded an album that Giant Records chose not to release (sound familiar?); starred in flop 1992 films Cool World and Final Analysis.