February 12, 1993 at 05:00 AM EST

When a cause like AIDS is involved, it’s often not the thought, but the action, that counts. That’s what we learned when we asked Mack Daddy (a.k.a. 14-year-old Chris Kelly) of Kris Kross 10 questions about his participation in For Our Children.

1. How did you get involved in this benefit?
It was real cool — you know, we just wanted to do something. It sounded pretty cool to us, so we just went in and did it.

2. How did it feel to perform your music for such a serious reason?
We liked it a lot, me and Chris. It was pretty cool.

3. Did you learn anything about AIDS you didn’t know?
Not really.

4. If you could talk to kids about AIDS, what would you tell them?
Nothing really — ’cause I don’t know much about it.

5. How did you personally benefit from participating in the show — was it rewarding for you?
Yeah. It’s cool to help out. That’s why we did it.

6. Are there other causes you’d like to help in the future?
You know — any cause we think is necessary that we think we could benefit.

7. Are you inspired by any other musicians?
Uh — not really.

8. Do you have any role models?

9. Are you still wearing your clothes backwards?

10. You going to do that forever?

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