I'm Every Woman

The Whitster has never moved so good. Now that she has 40 pounds of excess baby to lug around, the weight gives her a grace her formerly skinny self never had. Paying serious homage to the old Chaka Khan diva national anthem, Whitney Houston is joined in the I’m Every Woman video by Miss CK (who is shot with a glow that approaches deification), labelmates TLC, mom Cissy, and the song’s cowriter, Valerie Simpson. Reeking of style and sexier than she has ever been, Whitney shines in this ultra-glamorous, mostly black-and-white shout-out to the glories of mother- and womanhood. Worth the price of admission for the glee with which Whitney rubs and struts her Goodyear blimp of a belly, giving the song’s chorus a comic twist. A

I'm Every Woman
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