''Skylarks''' tiny stars -- Actors Lexi Randall and Christopher Bell prove they are far from the stereotypical Hollywood kids

By Bruce Fretts
Updated February 05, 1993 at 05:00 AM EST

Lexi Randall and Christopher Bell, who reprise their Sarah, Plain and Tall roles as Anna and Caleb Witting in Skylark, are professional actors but not Hollywood kids: Randall, 13, hails from Houston, and Bell, 8, lives in St. Paul. Between treasure hunts on the Maine shore, they sat still for a few questions:

Q: How do you two get along?

Lexi: We’re starting to act like brother and sister.

Christopher: We get into fights like a brother and sister. You know, not like punch fights. Just teasing.

L: We do little brother-sister things, like I pat him on the head as I’m walking by.

Q: How did your friends react to seeing you on TV?

C: Everyone thought that song I sang was funny. Everyone laughed, ’cause it was real funny.

L: A lot of my friends in the fourth grade were, like, jealous of me or something because they said I bragged about it. They hated me and they were all mean to me. But then in the fifth grade, people started to realize I wasn’t a brat or anything. And so the last couple of years have been fine.

Q: How’s working with Glenn Close?

C: She’s nice.

Q: How about Christopher Walken?

C: He’s nice too. He’s normal.

L: Christopher is shy. He’s quiet, but he can be really funny. And Glennie, she can be like a mother. Sometimes when you’re feeling wrong, she’ll come over and hug you or something.

Q: Are you similar to your characters?

C: I’m alike in two ways. I climb a lot and I throw rocks in water a lot.

L: The thing about Anna is, she’s really quiet and she writes in her journal. And I am keeping a journal. But I’m not quiet. I like to talk.