Plans for ''The Mighty Ducks II'' -- Disney's Jeffrey Katzenberg marks the release date for the still undeveloped film

By Leonard Klady
January 29, 1993 at 05:00 AM EST

Never let it be said that Walt Disney Studios chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg pinches pennies when it comes to promoting a product. In fact, just last week he set the wheels in motion for one of the more costly promotional endeavors in the company’s history.

Katzenberg announced at a production meeting that he planned to have The Mighty Ducks II in theaters by Aug. 13. It didn’t matter that no one was even aware that a sequel to the 1992 peewee-hockey box office success was on the boards. The project does not have a director, nor a screenplay or treatment, and there isn’t the slightest inkling of whether star Emilio Estevez is available.

So why is Katzenberg so fixated on this course of action? Because if all goes as planned, the company’s proposed Anaheim, Calif.-based National Hockey League franchise — most likely to be dubbed the Mighty Ducks — will skate onto the ice for its first season that week. And Katzenberg intends to make the most for his puck.