Oscar watch 1993 -- Robin William and Kevin Costner are among the actors who wish not to be considered for Oscars

By Gregg Kilday
Updated January 22, 1993 at 05:00 AM EST

One of the more interesting twists in this year’s Oscar race is the number of eligible performers who aren’t in the running.

*Although Paramount is pushing Bob Roberts as Best Picture, it’s making no claim that the movie’s writer, director, and star, Tim Robbins, be considered for Best Actor. This is Robbins’ choice. Since Fine Line is promoting him as Best Actor for The Player, Robbins doesn’t want to split his votes.

*While Warner is chivalrously promoting Whitney Houston as Best Actress for The Bodyguard, it is pointedly not touting Kevin Costner as Best Actor. Again, it’s his choice. Costner has asked that his performance, maligned by reviewers, go unheralded by the studio.

*Disney insists Robin Williams deserves a Best Supporting Actor nomination for Aladdin, but it has yet to run any ads saying so. In recent interviews Williams sounded annoyed that his faceless performance was winning such raves. Did Disney agree to scrap an Oscar bid? No, says Disney, it just hasn’t quite decided how to spotlight Williams’ voice-over in the film.