Beverly Hills Hotel -- The Hollywood landmark will close its doors for two years to undergo remodeling

By Frank Spotnitz
Updated January 15, 1993 at 05:00 AM EST

When the fabled Beverly Hills Hotel closed the Polo Lounge and stripped the last sheets in 212 rooms and 14 bungalows last month, it shut the door on 80 years of Hollywood history. Inspiration for the Eagles’ ”Hotel California,” this was the pink dream palace where…

*Clark Gable and Carole Lombard made love
*John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe were rumored to have held their trysts
*Liz Taylor spent seven of her nine honeymoons (and once rented two suites — one for herself, one for her clothes)
*Bruce Willis and Jack Nicholson got their hair cut
*W.C. Fields and Errol Flynn got their drinking done
*Nixon campaign manager John Mitchell was watching TV in his room when he learned the Watergate burglars had botched the job
*and John Barrymore’s corpse was reportedly brought by his pals for one final cocktail.

Closed by its current owner, the Sultan of Brunei, for a $100 million facelift that will take two years, the hotel will keep its familiar pink walls, and the design of the Polo Lounge will not be changed. But the memories might never be the same.