December 25, 1992 at 05:00 AM EST

Today’s topic is ”Talk-Show Hosts Who Don’t Wanna Grow Up.” And joining us is Sassy editor-in-chief and daily talk-show host Jane Pratt, 29, whose Jane crashed after 13 weeks on a Fox TV station in New York City last spring. Based on the list of show subjects below (and on the grilling she gave an ex-boyfriend when he gamely appeared as a guest on the premiere), we begin to see certain Clearasil-set obsessions at work.

*My Best Friend Stole My Boyfriend

*My Mom Hates My Boyfriend

*Sex in Your Parents’ House

*I Finally Meet My Secret Crush

*My Roommate Is From Hell

*X-Rated Ways I Worked My Way Through College

*I Like Myself Better Fat

*Facing the Person You Lost Your Virginity To

*Mom Thinks I Dress Like a Tramp

*My Boyfriend Loves Sports More Than Me

*I Mooch off Women

*Guys Who Think They’re God’s Gift to Women

*Getting Left at the Altar

*Make a Commitment or Get Out of My Life

But perhaps this kind of thing will play better on Lifetime, the cable network aimed at women (and their worries) — which is giving Pratt another crack at angst-chat next year.

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