December 25, 1992 at 05:00 AM EST

Oh, shoot: To bolster the staying power of October’s ill-fated sperm-bank comedy, Frozen Assets (starring Corbin Bernsen and Shelley Long), publicists launched a search for ”stud of the year” — the guy with the highest sperm count. After men in L.A. and New York were asked such probing questions as ”What does stud mean to you?” and ”What do you think women really want?” a lucky few were escorted to sperm banks and encouraged to submit under pressure. The winner, Pace University student Francisco Ferreira, 25, of New York, says he entered the contest on a dare from friends at his gym and never expected to get past the verbal part of the test; now he claims he’s embarrassed by his status. But not so embarrassed that he didn’t accept his prize, a cruise for two to the Caribbean. And though he hasn’t decided whom he’ll take along, Ferreira draws the line at using his new title as a lure. ”I think to mention it on a first date,” he says, ”would be sort of tacky.”

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