December 25, 1992 at 05:00 AM EST

Three perky things to do with pants in 1992:

1. Wear ’em backwards. Youthful rappers Kriss Kross sported baggy blue jeans with pockets in front and zippers arear, often paired with a kicky chemise-in-reverse.

2. Wear ’em low. Youthful rapper Marky Mark let his denims sag teasingly past his skivvy waistband in Calvin Klein ads now appearing in almost every magazine in the universe.

3. Lose ’em altogether. In a trendy gesture of defiance, fashion rebel Bobcat Goldthwait, seemingly emboldened by the low viewership of the now-defunct Dennis Miller Show, dropped trou and undertrou on a May 22 appearance. U2’s Bono, apparently bored by a journalist’s questions, disrobed entirely during dinner at Nikita, a London celebrity haunt. And — not to forget — Basic Instinct‘s Sharon Stone showed an interrogation room full of cops (and millions of moviegoers) exactly how she achieves that smooth, no-panty-line look.

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