1992: Year-end figures -- Random but fascinating stats, from ''Malcolm X'''s running time to how many celebrity cameos were in ''The Player''

By EW Staff
Updated December 25, 1992 at 05:00 AM EST

Number of 90210 rip-offs: 4

Number of 90210 rip-offs that were canceled: 3

Number of times Joe Pesci said okay in Lethal Weapon 3: 77

Number of times Jonathan Demme said uh during his Best Director acceptance speech at the Oscars: 94

Amount Madonna’s Sex made its first week on sale: $25,000,000

Amount 1492 grossed its first week in theaters: $3,577,754

Number of mentions of Julia Roberts in The Player: 4 (plus one appearance)

Number of celebrity cameos in The Player: 65

Number of times Kathie Lee Gifford mentions God in her autobiography, I Can’t Believe I Said That: 146

Number of times Rush Limbaugh mentions conservative in his autobiography, The Way Things Ought to Be: 71

Number of times you see people having sex in Basic Instinct: 3

Amount of screen time given to sex scenes in Basic Instinct: 7 minutes

Number of times masturbation was discussed on the Nov. 18 episode of Seinfeld: 14

Number of times the word was used: 0

Number of letters and calls NBC got protesting the episode: 213

Number of letters and calls NBC got protesting Sinéad O’Connor’s tearing up a picture of the Pope on the Oct. 3 Saturday Night Live: 5,459

Number of letters and calls supporting O’Connor: 731

Running time of Malcolm X: 201 minutes

New running time of JFK on video: 206 minutes

Running time of Wayne’s World: 95 minutes

Number of successful matchups on Love Connection: 237