Slipups on quality dramas, including ''Northern Exposure'' and ''Civil Wars''

By Kathy Crump
Updated December 18, 1992 at 05:00 AM EST

Because of the speed with which TV is produced, occasional goofs are to be expected, especially on the average quick-and-dirty show. But this season, there have been a number of slipups on so-called quality dramas:

*CIVIL WARS In the Oct. 14 episode, Eli’s (Alan Rosenberg) former client, a know-it-all trying to woo him romantically with her superior knowledge of TV, reels off the entire ”Dickensian” cast of Northern Exposure, adding that Shelly (Cynthia Geary) is ”married to Holling (John Cullum), her randy and considerably older husband.” Randy? Yes. Married? Hardly.

*GOING TO EXTREMES When med students Kim (Camilo Gallardo) and Cheryl (Erika Alexander) race a go-cart down a hillside track, their clothing and the color of their helmets keep changing, all in one swift trip.

*SISTERS When Georgie (Patricia Kalember) has a car accident, sister Teddy (Sela Ward) tells Georgie’s sons they can’t go to the crash site: ”I’m thinking of your mother trapped in a car.” But there was no way Teddy could have known Georgie was trapped; all she had been told was that Georgie had been involved in a wreck, with no other details.

*NORTHERN EXPOSURE Late one night at the Brick, Holling starts pouring ”another double” for Maurice (Barry Corbin) from a Jim Beam bottle. But as the camera switches back and forth between the two men, Holling instead begins pouring bottled water for himself.

*QUANTUM LEAP Kidnapped by a deranged woman and her husband, Sam (Scott Bakula) sits with them in a seedy diner, with mustard, ketchup, and steak sauce grouped together on the table. But nearly every time the camera switches to the wife — more than 20 times in the scene — the mustard bottle disappears, only to return when we see Sam or the husband.

Just so you know we’re watching.