Courtney Love's fight -- The singer files charges against Victoria Clark, author of Nirvana's unauthorized biography

By Tim Appelo
December 18, 1992 at 05:00 AM EST

The Courtney Love watch goes on: After making threats against Victoria Clarke, who’s writing an unauthorized biography of Nirvana, Love and Clarke bumped into each other Dec. 5 at Raji’s club in Hollywood. Result: Both have filed police reports accusing the other of assault. According to Clarke, ”She said, ‘Is that Victoria?’ and whacked me on the head with a glass. She chased me through the club with about five men trying to pull her off. She’s very strong.” No comment from Love, but Nirvana drummer David Grohl says that the ”snaky” Clarke has invaded the band’s privacy. ”You feel like you’re being followed,” he complains.