TV-inspired gifts -- From ''Coach'' balls to ''Full House'' dolls, sitcom trappings for the holidays

By Kate Meyers
Updated December 11, 1992 at 05:00 AM EST

Our favorites from the channel-box, these couch potato keepsakes will spice up your season and your daily routine:

*7:30 a.m. Get a wake-up buzz from In Living Color‘s Homey Alarm Clock.

*7:45 a.m. Pour your morning java into Mystery Science Theater 3000‘s colorful ”fluid containment vessel.”

*8:00 a.m. Sartorial options: a Simpsons tie featuring the Bartman and an Itchy & Scratchy hat; a Trek tie; a Northern Exposure cap; and the jacket all the VJs are wearing, the Yo! MTV Raps leather stunner.

*8:30 a.m. Check the Weather Channel’s wall calendar for moon phases and worldwide climatic info. Expecting rain? The Trek umbrella is a black classic with stars and a ”To boldly go…” inscription.

*Noon. For a meditative escape: avant-garde space visors and a Starship Enterprise hologram.

*5:30 p.m. Playtime! Coach‘s Screaming Eagles have inspired a 26-item catalog, including foam footballs.

*10:00 p.m. At day’s end, we all need a cuddly. When Full House‘s talking Michelle doll appeared on QVC this summer, 22,245 were sold in a day. Grown-ups can count on fuzzy companionship from Northern Exposure‘s moose. He’ll keep you warm even in Cicely.