Movies gone game -- We look at video game versions of films like ''Batman Returns'' and ''Hook''

By Bob Strauss and Ty Burr
Updated December 04, 1992 at 05:00 AM EST

Call them game-izations — blip-and-blast versions of movies for the joystick set. Of course, something gets lost in the translation from big screen to game screen: plot, characters, credits for best boy. Here’s how some flicks compare with their offshoots.

The Game: Where the movie had no armament and only one full-grown monster, this game has an armed-to-her-teeth Ripley racing against time to smoke hordes of fanged critters. A-
The Movie: Has convicts, lice, artistic pretensions, muddy cinematography, a boyfriend for Ripley, hokey symbolism, and — most important — no way to win.

The Game: Forget about the tortured dualities of good and evil — this is a rousing, jump and-shoot-action game, whose main links with the movie are in its dark backgrounds and Tim Burton-inspired character design. A
The Movie: Has Michelle Pfeiffer, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Michelle Pfeiffer.

The Game: Peter Pan tries to rediscover his inner child by hacking his way through the usual assortment of bad guys. One plus: gorgeous green-and-gold backgrounds that are truer to real life than the movie’s overstuffed sets. B-
The Movie: Has Dustin Hoffman’s snide snob of a Hook, Bob Hoskins as Smee, a food fight, a sledgehammer-subtle message about the purity of childhood, expensive and immobile ship set.

The Game: Since we’ve not yet seen the movie, here’s what we learn from the game: RoboCop stalks the streets of Old Detroit, coming undewr more combined firepower than an Orion Pictures shareholder. C+
The Movie: Has — who knows?

The Game: Universal in name only, this is very reminiscent of a mediocre action game called Turrican, featuring the kind of dinky enemies that have plagued the genre for years, as well as a hero who curls up into a buzzing circular saw. It’s still no worse than the movies it has absolutely nothing to do with. D+
The Movie: Has the worst actor in action movies (Jean-Claude Van Damme) and the best actor in action movies (Dolph Lundgren). Interesting Terminator-retread production design. Real fake blood.