Bill Wyman, Kathy Bates, and Terry McMillan made headlines this week

By EW Staff
Updated December 04, 1992 at 05:00 AM EST

SKEWERING: Tabloid magnet Mia Farrow is now peddling her tell-all-about-Woody book, hoping to end her cash-flow woes. Bidding on the book, handled by superagent Lynn Nesbit, is hovering at $3 million as we go to press….

SUING: There’s much talk in L.A. about the second sexual-harassment suit launched against ex-Geffen Records boss Marko Babineau. Last year, Penny Muck, an assistant, sued Babineau; the case was recently settled out of court for a reported $500,000. This time the plaintiff is a high-level exec, former promotions director Christina Anthony, 44, who left Geffen in 1990 after four years. In addition to Babineau, 41, Anthony is suing five other former and current top executives at Geffen, who she claims wouldn’t put a stop to Babineau’s verbal and physical harassment….

PRAYING: In her divorce case against Rolling Stone Bill Wyman, 56, Mandy Smith, 22, is hoping that God is on her side. Smith, who was hospitalized for multiple allergies and weight loss right after her 1989 wedding, reportedly showed up each day of the recent London trial carrying a large copy of the Bible. Separated from Wyman after less than two years of marriage, Smith wants a hefty chunk of his estimated $30 million fortune. A judgment against him may succeed where Keith Richards and Mick Jagger might have failed — i.e., he may finally be persuaded to tour with the Stones next time….

BEQUEATHING: David Henington, director of the Houston Public Library, was asked to resign by the head of the local Citizens Against Pornography for ordering four copies of Madonna’s Sex (the book was on back order). But patrons, perhaps having perused the tome to their satisfaction, donated copies. The result: The Houston Public now has five copies of Sex. And Henington kept his job….

SHRINKING: There’s a lot less of Kathy Bates to love these days. The actress dropped 35 pounds for her role in A Home of Our Own, now shooting in Utah. Her secret? ”She’s just eating less,” says one observer….

RUMORED: Rock dinosaur Rod Stewart, 47, recently lost an extra chin to liposuction and had the bags under his eyes removed. Stewart’s spokeswoman denied the story, but time will tell….

FUNDING: Best-selling author Terry McMillan fronted first-time director Leslie Harris fast cash to finish her $500,000 urban-teen drama, Just Another Girl on the I.R.T., due in February from Miramax. This makes Harris, 30, only the second black woman to direct a major release (the first: A Dry White Season‘s Euzhan Palcy in 1989). Michael Moore, director of Roger and Me, and Nelson George, cowriter of Strictly Business, also chipped in checks for the independent production….

DEBUTING: Ronald Reagan’s reaction to Mikhail Gorbachev’s acting bow — playing himself — in Far Away, So Close, the upcoming Wim Wenders film? ”I’m delighted,” says Reagan. ”He was comfortable on the world stage; I’m sure he’ll be equally comfortable on a soundstage. Break a leg!”…

MISSING: Maybe white rapper-undie model Marky Mark is being sued for assault and battery in Boston, but he’s still loved in L.A. A number of the pretty boy’s Calvin Klein posters (two of the most infamous feature Mark grabbing his crotch and groping a topless female model) have been heisted from local bus stops. Going rate for the poster in Southern California’s Recycler classifieds: $50.

Tim Appelo, with reporting by Tina Jordan, Melissa Rawlins, Casey Davidson, Heidi Siegmund, Graham Rayman, Denise Barricklow, Michael Szymanski