From Barbra Streisand to Arsenio Hall, who's hot and who's not in Bill Clinton's Hollywood

By Benjamin Svetkey
Updated November 20, 1992 at 05:00 AM EST

Never mind what a Clinton administration will do to Wall Street. Concerned citizens on that other street — Sunset Boulevard — are scrambling to figure out whose career stock has risen and whose has fallen now that America has a brand-new host in the Oval Office. We propose some numbers below, but here’s the bottom line: Beverly Hills, 90210‘s Shannen Doherty can forget about a White House command performance during the next four years.

*MICHAEL BOLTON: Reportedly sent his doctor to Little Rock to help heal Bill Clinton’s worn-out vocal cords. Up 30 points.

*BRUCE WILLIS, ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, and SHANNEN DOHERTY: Took center stage at this year’s Republican National Convention to back Bush. Down 40 points.

*SISTER SOULJAH: Clinton made her famous by protesting her remarks about ”killing white people,” but Tipper Gore’s Parents Music Resource Committee may make things dicey for this angry young rapper. Points unchanged.

*GERALD MCRANEY: The Major Dad star appeared at Bush rallies and accused Clinton of draft dodging, even though McRaney never really served in the military. Down 60 points.

*LINDA BLOODWORTH THOMASON and HARRY THOMASON: The Designing Women producers and old Clinton pals continue to boost Bill, suggesting in last week’s Variety that Hillary be given her own TV talk show. Up 40 points.

*BARBRA STREISAND: Sang at and helped organize a $2,500-a-plate celebrity dinner for Clinton and promised to leave the country if he wasn’t elected. Up 30 points.

*MITCH MILLER: The 83-year-old bandleader took five grueling bus tours to win elderly voters for Clinton. Up 50 points.

*ELVIS PRESLEY: The King replaces Bush man Randy Travis as the White House’s new musical muse. (Clinton even croaked ”Don’t Be Cruel” on Charlie Rose.) Up 20 points.

*CHER: Phoned in to Larry King Live to pitch Ross Perot. Down 25 points. (Ditto Perot pals Steve Martin, Dennis Miller, Kirstie Alley, Jamie Farr, and Sally Field.)

*KIM BASINGER: Sang with the B-52’s at benefit performances for Jerry Brown during the primaries. Down 5 points.

*MTV: Its Rock the Vote interviews with Clinton and Al Gore helped deliver the youth vote. (Bush initially declined to appear, claiming he wasn’t ”an MTV kind of guy,” then changed his mind a week before the election.) Up 40 points.

*LAUREN BACALL: Rumored to be Clinton’s pick to head the National Endowment of the Arts. Up 30 points.

*MIKE MEDAVOY: TriStar’s chairman supported Clinton three months before he announced his presidential bid; his wife, Patricia, was on the platform committee of the Dems’ convention in July. Up 40 points.

*ARSENIO HALL: Helped Clinton prove he had sax appeal by letting him sit in with the band. Up 15 points.