Howard Stern's spankfest -- The radio shock jock borrows a bum-playing concept for the video ''Butt Bongo Fiesta''

By Rick Marin
Updated November 20, 1992 at 05:00 AM EST

Butt Bongo Fiesta — the video — features beautiful young women allowing their bare behinds to be played like bongos in exchange for fleeting fame and free concert tickets. Who else but Howard Stern, radio shock jock — and, as of Nov. 27, host of a cable TV talk show — could have dreamed it up?

Once again, though, it seems Stern has ”borrowed” a low concept (see Entertainment Weekly, #143), this time from a ”morning zoo” team in Portland, Maine. Three years ago, Herb Ivy and Mark Persky, talk jocks at Portland’s 100,000-watt WBLM-FM, started butt bongo ”as some kind of silly talent thing,” says Ivy. Stern, who won’t comment, began staging a similar spankfest on his nationally syndicated radio show several months ago. Now he’s put out a 90-minute video version, available only through an 800 number, featuring Jessica Hahn and his usual crude cronies in bodacious 3-D.

”I can’t believe it!” bellows Ivy, though neither he nor his partner plans legal action against Stern, who was recently slapped with a $105,000 indecency fine by the FCC. Actually, the pair feel sort of ”honored that Howard could utilize us,” says Ivy. ”But I’d like a word with Mr. Stern.”