Robin Wright, Madonna, and ''Star Trek'' made headlines this week

By EW Staff
November 20, 1992 at 05:00 AM EST

FIRM NO: Actress Robin Wright (who will be costarring with Robin Williams in next month’s Toys) is bailing out of her role as Tom Cruise’s wife in Sydney Pollack’s just-begun executive suite thriller, The Firm. Sources say Wright left the film, based on the John Grisham best-seller, to raise Dylan, her 18-month-old daughter with Sean Penn. But Wright hinted at another reason in a recent interview, in which she sniffed at playing wife and girlfriend roles. Jeanne Tripplehorn (who played the bisexual psychologist in Basic Instinct) will be taking over Wright’s Firm role….

MADONNA UNBOUND: Apparently thinking there’s never too much Sex, Warner Books is preparing a paperback of Madonna’s new nudie book for next spring. Although size, price, and format will differ from the much-hyped, metallic hardcover version (all 500,000 copies of which are already sold out in the U.S.), the softcover Sex will still be wrapped in a kid-proof slipcover — ”probably a Ziploc bag,” jokes a Warner publicist….

BAD TASTE: The winner of Frozen Assets Productions’ ”Stud of the Year” contest is Francisco Ferreira — but we’re not so sure we want to shake his hand. To promote the Corbin Bernsen-Shelley Long sperm bank comedy Frozen Assets, now floundering at the box office, the producers asked for samples; out of 45 entrants, the one with the highest sperm count (Ferreira’s was 275 million per milliliter) won a free cruise to the Caribbean. ”We were spoofing male sexuality,” says producer Don Klein, who admits Bernsen declined to participate. ”He felt the idea was not in good taste.”…

STAR TREK: THE GERITOL GENERATION: Captain Kirk apparently isn’t giving up the Enterprise without a fight. Even though 1991’s Star Trek VI was billed as the final film adventure for the aging original crew, William Shatner, 61, is supposedly lobbying to direct and star in Star Trek VII, and is even rumored to have submitted his own treatment to Paramount. Under his scenario, Kirk and Leonard Nimoy, 61, as pointy-eared Spock, would have a falling-out and spend the movie battling each other….

AS THE SMALL TURNS: Onetime daytime heartthrob Michael Knight, who returns to ABC’s All My Children Dec. 10, recently married actress Catherine Hickland (Capitol), who was married to David Hasselhoff, who starred in NBC’s Knight Rider as a character named…Michael Knight. Isn’t there a support group for this kind of thing?

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