November 06, 1992 at 05:00 AM EST

Do great behinds think alike? In July, radio shock jock Howard Stern announced a deal with New Line Cinema to star in The Adventures of Fartman, a movie he says he’d been dreaming up for three years and promised would be ”the most disgusting movie ever made.” Stern even showed up at the September MTV Video Music awards in a $10,000 gold Spandex, cheeks-to-the-wind Fartman costume.

But wait, hold your fire — there’s another Fartman! He can be found in a Foto Funnies cartoon from the March 1985 National Lampoon. ”I’m Fartman,” says a rotund, balding executive in the very first frame. The superhero’s flatulence is powerful enough to propel him through the air with fumes so strong they knock evildoers unconscious. The legal department of Lampoon (publication was suspended six months ago), says that the company has ”a very good relationship” with New Line (producers of Lampoon‘s next feature film, Loaded Weapon), and it ”doesn’t anticipate any problems.” Stern and his manager weren’t available for comment, but a New Line spokesperson claims, ”Howard created it himself. It didn’t come from National Lampoon.” The real answer, however, may just be blowin’ in the wind.

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