November 06, 1992 at 05:00 AM EST

1 Sex
Madonna’s first best-seller. If only they gave a National Book award for hype.

2 Perot’s rise
They say Mrs. Perot doesn’t want him to win. Why should she have to live in a smaller house in a worse neighborhood?

3 Boyz II Men
Breaking Elvis’ record for longest stay at the top of the pop chart. But how many Boyz imitators will you see?

4 Zebrahead
An interracial couple at Intolerance High. Unlike in a real school, no one gets killed in the first hour.

5 Howard Stern
He may have a No. 1 radio show but advertisers are wary. His listeners are their shoplifters.

6 Jim Garrison
But how did he die?

7 NYC Marathon
Twenty-five thousand people running 26 miles. They must have gotten the idea during a subway strike.

8 The Graduate‘s 25th anniversary
Holds up like a shag haircut. What’s harder to believe, life without panty hose or a postgrad virgin?

9 Frozen Assets
Corbin Bernsen takes over a sperm bank. And you thought interest rates couldn’t get any lower.

10 Murphy Brown
Murphy finally names the baby. Face it, we knew it wasn’t going to be Junior.

11 Dr. Giggles
A maniacal killer posing as an MD. It would be more believable if he had posed as a lawyer.

12 Bush’s annoy-the-media campaign
If the media’s so liberal and powerful, how did Reagan and Bush get elected in the first place?

13 Sting’s missing $10 million
Think hard, where did you see it last?

14 Harvey Keitel
Who says kids today don’t have any antiheroes? This guy makes Cagney look like a wimp.

15 ”Boom Bye Bye”
The reggae abomination against gays. Who plays these things? A station that plays ”hate songs, nothing but hate songs.”

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