November 06, 1992 at 05:00 AM EST

Your kids already have Beauty and the Beast lunch boxes, shower curtains, and sweatshirts, but they yearn for more mementos of last year’s biggest children’s-movie hit. Just in time for the video’s release, Beauty bed sheets are on their way to department stores, joining other Disney characters in the linen section. At about $30 for percale twin sheets and $50 for a comforter, here’s how Disney says good night:

*BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (manufacturer: Wamsutta) No little girl is girlish enough for these sickeningly dainty sheets, with ruffled border and pale yellow background, pink roses, and dancing figures of the Teapot and the Clock. Bonus points for the reversible comforter, decorated on both sides. B

*ALADDIN (Wamsutta) No curtains or canopy in this set. The pattern is hip, if shamelessly promotional, with ”Disney’s Aladdin” on the pillowcase and comforter. The sheets should come with a PG-13 label: Aladdin stands bare-chested while a girl having trouble keeping her shirt on looks at him none too innocently. B- For younger kids there is a pattern featuring a fully clothed genie, which rates a B+

*101 DALMATIONS (Bibb) This set, featuring a dappled dust ruffle, is unrelentingly cool. The puppies are so adorable that we can even forgive the two ”Walt Disney’s 101 Dalmatians” logos on the comforter. A-

*PINOCCHIO (Wamsutta) The part of the sheet that folds back has Pinocchio dancing along the edge — but there’s something a bit scary about lying down on his enormous grinning face. B

*THE LITTLE MERMAID (Springs) Wavy blue sea currents meander across the sheets, fish blow bubbles, and Ariel hangs out with Sebastian the crab. The pillowcase loses points for the ”Disney’s Little Mermaid” logo, but the sweet dreams Ariel will send your child off to make up for it. A-

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