Highlights from Madonna's ''Sex,'' from nipple shots to penises

By Kate Meyers
Updated November 06, 1992 at 05:00 AM EST
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If the metal covers of your copy of Sex fall off, you could use one as a cookie sheet and one as an erotic doggie door. Here are highlights from the pages in between:

*Pictures of women with shaved heads and tattoos: 28
*Nipple shots: 84
*Detailed explanations of anal sex: 1
*Alternative uses for Vanilla Ice: 39
*Photos with a finger or toe in someone’s mouth: 3
*Wee-wee shots that recall Mapplethorpe: 3
*Isabella Rossellini photos that Lancôme could use: 0
*Pierced body parts: 4
*Former lovers of Warren Beatty cited in fantasies: 2
*Men in dog collars: 9
*Things that look like they hurt: 6
*Penises shown: 1
*Times God is mentioned: 3


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