We spend a day of shopping with Tori Spelling of 'Beverly Hills, 90210'

By Melina Gerosa
Updated October 30, 1992 at 12:00 PM EST
Harry Langdon/Getty Images

The urge to splurge is upon Tori Spelling in a very big way. That’s understandable because 1) the 19-year-old star of Beverly Hills, 90210 and daughter of producer Aaron Spelling (Dynasty, The Love Boat, and 90210) has never, ever been shopping in New York City; and 2) she’s an admitted clothes junkie, both on the show, where she plays ditzy Donna Martin, and in real life. Now she’s in New York on a 90210 publicity tour, with time to spare, and the plastic is twitching eagerly in her pocket. It’s 4 p.m., and after trading hotel phone numbers with quasi rapper Marky Mark — she’s hoping to hook up with him tonight — Spelling hops into the limo with her assistant, Susan Grisanti, and publicist, Joan Carry, and heads out to tame the boutique jungle of Manhattan.

First stop: Shoe and clothing shops in SoHo.

”Oh! I love this song; it’s in Revenge of the Nerds,” says Spelling, singing to ”We Are the Champions” as she tries on a pair of size 6 motorcycle boots in Tootsi Plohound. The boots fit; $150 goes on the plastic.

Within the first hour, two more SoHo establishments have been relieved of black shoes, at $160 and $135 a pair. Then she hits Oblio! on Prince Street. ”No, I swear, it’s like probably the cutest thing you’ve had on today,” Grisanti promises about a black wrap jacket and palazzo pants that Spelling has pulled on over her own clothes — a trick only a size 2 can pull off.

”Oh, please!” protests Tori. ”I look like that girl in Deee-Lite.” (”Yeah,” laughs Grisanti, ”this is the girl who wears the tightest clothes in America.”) She buys the jacket for $265.

Second stop: Canal Street.

”Fake? You swear?” says Spelling, after asking about the reporter’s bogus Rolex. Soon the limo is directed down Canal Street, knockoff central for designer goods. ”It looks exactly like my real one at home,” she says of a $16 ”Tag Heuer” watch. Her bargain fever infects even the limo driver, who parks the car to inspect the street goods.

As Spelling hands over $84 in cash for seven watches, the vendor recognizes her. This is not surprising, though Tori thinks her recognizability factor is a 7 in New York, compared with a 10 in L.A. But what the vendor says is, ”Hey, aren’t you Aaron Spelling’s daughter?”

This, of course, is a problem you face when you live in what might be the biggest house in California — her father’s 100-plus-room mansion in Holmby Hills, bordering Beverly Hills. ”No! This is Tori Spelling,” Carry says. ”You know her from her TV show.”

Aside from the ID crisis, Tori says life with her parents is good. Living at home cramps neither her style nor her 1.5-year relationship with boyfriend Ryan Ozar, a USC sophomore. ”My parents give me a lot of space because they don’t want me to leave,” says Spelling. ”They luuuv Ryan, and I don’t come home at 5 a.m. or anything.” Even when the couple double-dated with Marky Mark and 90210 costar Shannen Doherty, Tori had to wake up early to get to the set. This season her character has earned more airtime as Spelling’s acting has improved; Donna has a newfound artistic talent and a deepening relationship with her boyfriend (”We decide whether or not to do it,” Spelling says).

Third stop: Ultrachic Barneys New York, in Chelsea.

Tori hits the Lisa Jenks silver counter and the funkier CO/OP section, but ladies’ couture has yet to be perused and it’s already 9 p.m., closing time. Fortunately, she’s Tori Spelling, and management keeps the store open so she can finish the job. Minutes later, her take includes silver earrings and ring (at least $580); a red bodysuit ($145), and chopstick hair accessories ($43).

Spirits are replenished over a dinner of goat-cheese salad and sirloin at Café Tabac in the East Village, where Spelling happily autographs a fan’s business card. Like other teens, she says she wants to meet Tom Cruise and Madonna (who she thinks is ”Uh! Amazing!”) and wonders aloud how Brad Pitt can find Juliette Lewis attractive with hairy armpits.

After café au lait, it’s time to head to the hotel, call Marky Mark, and retire the credit cards for the night. Total damage (including tax): $1,683.94.