Bridget Fonda, Dustin Hoffman, and Michael Keaton made headlines this week

By EW Staff
October 30, 1992 at 05:00 AM EST

BACK IN ‘MOTION’: Peter Fonda does a ride-on cameo in daughter Bridget Fonda’s Bodies, Rest & Motion, a comedy that recently wrapped in Tucson. In a nod to his Easy Rider fame, the elder Fonda roars up on a motorcycle at a highway rest stop and speaks to costar Tim Roth. ”It was somebody’s sudden brainstorm,” says Peter. ”I like to think it was Bridget’s.” (As a child, the actress appeared in an Easy Rider crowd scene.) Bodies, a blue-collar variation on sex, lies & videotape, also stars Eric Stoltz (Bridget’s real-life boyfriend, who is also coproducing the film) and Phoebe Cates. It will hit theaters next spring….

GROUNDED: Dustin Hoffman’s air-crash tirade was cut from most in-flight versions of Rain Man, and his latest, Hero, may not show on planes at all. The plot concerns a fiery 727 crash that might tend to unnerve a few passengers. ”It’s not like we can cut that scene out,” says producer Laura Ziskin. Also not coming to a jetliner near you: Passenger 57, about a terrorist skyjacking, and Alive, the story of the Uruguayan rugby team who became cannibals after their plane crashed in the Andes. Peanuts, anyone?…

SAFE SOUNDS: Epic Records has put a little something extra in the thousand-plus promo CDs of dancehall superstar Shabba Ranks’ latest, X-tra Naked — a condom. ”People always say that Shabba is slack (raunchy) and only talks about sex,” says producer Clifton Dillon. So is Ranks saying one can rubberize and still be raunchy? Says Hank Caldwell, senior vice president of Epic’s Black. Music Division, ”I think the condom speaks for itself.”…

THUD OF BEEFCAKE: The creators and distributors of American Gladiators, the pec-popping game show pitting mortals against behemoths named Ice and Nitro, are suing the creators of Knights and Warriors, a new game show pitting leather-clad warriors against behemoths named Venom and Pyro. Knights executive producer Jerry Gilden says the copyright-infringement case is ”just a bunch of sour grapes.” A Gladiators spokesman retorts, ”We are going to vigorously pursue the case in court.” Hey gang, can’t we settle this like men?…

UNCAPED CRUSADER: Shira Susman’s auto stalled during L.A.’s rush hour; a stranger swooped down and gallantly pushed her car out of harm’s way. ”I looked up and said, ‘Are you who I think you are?”’ Michael Keaton nodded. ”Keaton is not like the rest of us,” she wrote to the Los Angeles Times. ”He is better than many of us.” Why, he’s a veritable Superman!

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