October 23, 1992 at 04:00 AM EDT


For several decades Brando (#138, Oct. 2) provided the public with groundbreaking performances that do not pall with time; he deserves some respect for his craft’s impact regardless of his accumulation of wealth or recent family tragedy. Your recent immersion in tawdry journalism has everything to do with cheap titillation and very little to do with Entertainment Weekly as a respected voice for the arts. Isn’t it time to leave these poor sick people alone instead of hanging them out for gruesome inspection? You can do better and usually do.
Dave Campbell
Sausalito, Calif.

Why must you dredge up past events only to cause more pain? Why must Marlon Brando be continuously scrutinized? This is the Christian Brando (murder) case, remember? Marlon Brando did what any loving father would do in order to help his son. I sincerely doubt he went beyond the law. I found your implications of a cover-up to be completely unfounded. Also, the snide comments about Mr. Brando’s weight were totally unnecessary. Obviously no one can comprehend the pain and suffering that Marlon Brando and his family have endured. I would expect you to have more compassion.
Nancy Karpf
Manalapan, N.J.


As a fan of Aaron Spelling’s Beverly Hills, 90210, Melrose Place, and 2000 Malibu Road, I found your article ”Poor Spelling” (in News & Notes) to be quite disturbing. I can understand that Malibu won’t be returning because of a budget disagreement since it was originally slated for a limited run, but Spelling has little ground for canning Melrose’s Amy Locane. I highly doubt that the show’s ratings will climb without her. When 90210 got off to a rocky start, Luke Perry was almost fired because of his sideburns.
Michael McCarthy
Dracut, Mass.

I am very angry with CBS: 2000 Malibu Road was the one show I actually thought would make it this season. I mean, you can’t ask for a better cast, and the writers kept you in suspense every week. I just hope CBS reconsiders.
Chris Anderson
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


I am not a fan of the show, but I did happen to catch Murphy Brown’s response to Dan Quayle about her having a baby without having a husband (being) a ”lifestyle choice.” Her response was simple and true. Quayle has got to remember there are a lot of single parents out there. They love and care about their kids as much as two parents would. There are a lot more problems in this world Dan Quayle could concentrate on.
Khrystie Whidden
Amherst, Ohio


Regarding your review of Blade Runner, I have to disagree that the voice-over by Harrison Ford was at all ”pesky.” Not only did it deepen and explain the story, but it also brought to the film a ’40s feel and rhythm that stems from Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, Philip K. Dick’s original novel.
Marcia Kotarski
Sagamore Hills, Ohio

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