Tina Turner, Bruce Springsteen, and ''Hangin' With Mr. Cooper'' made headlines this week

By EW Staff
October 16, 1992 at 04:00 AM EDT

PUBLIC DANCER: Lindsay Scott, a spokesman for Tina Turner, denies rumors that Whitney Houston will play the leggy rocker in Touchstone’s upcoming biopic, What’s Love Got To Do With It? The legit Tina wannabes include Angela Bassett (who plays Malcolm’s wife in Malcolm X) and Halle Berry (who costarred with Eddie Murphy in Boomerang), though the producers would prefer an unknown actress and recently put out open casting calls in six cities, including New York, L.A., and Atlanta. ”It’s easy to do a Hoffa, whom nobody has seen in years,” says Scott, ”but Tina’s still around.” Turner may play herself in the later part of the pic, ”but,” notes Scott, ”she certainly can’t play herself at 17…”

HUNG BY MR. COOPER: It’s rare for a producer to be abruptly replaced before a TV show even premieres, but that’s what happened last month to Jeff Franklin, the executive producer and creator of ABC’s Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper. A sitcom about a substitute teacher (Mark Curry) who shares an apartment with two women, Cooper was the network’s great ratings hope for the new season. According to an industry source, ABC and Lorimar (the show’s production company) didn’t like Cooper‘s artistic direction and had told Franklin on numerous occasions to make changes. But another source reports that ”a nebulous” ABC wasn’t exactly sure what it wanted. “In one show, they’d say, ‘Let’s see more of Mark in the classroom.’ Then changes are made and the comment is, ‘What happened to the roommates?”’…

THE HORROR, THE HORROR: With his version of Dracula due out next month, has had his fill of directing classic chillers. He has turned down the job of helming Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein for TriStar. Coppola will instead produce the movie, which begins filming in Prague early next year. Roman Polanski is his first choice as director and Willem Dafoe has been asked to play the doctor overseeing that difficult experiment…

SAINT BRUCE: Who says success has spoiled Bruce Springsteen? During a recent show at the World Music Theatre outside of Chicago, the singer gave three couples sitting way in back brand-new seats way in front. And when Springsteen dove into the audience during ”Leap of Faith,” a fan, 24-year-old Steve Irlen, stuffed a five-page note down his shirt; the singer later dedicated a song to ”my friend Steve” and invited Irlen backstage after the performance. Bruce’s magnanimity is infectious: Outside his recent concert at L.A.’s USC stadium, scalpers were reportedly hawking $33 tickets for a measly $9.

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