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By EW Staff
Updated October 09, 1992 at 04:00 AM EDT

Mail from our readers


Maybe your cover (#136, Sept. 18) suggested that you were going to ”cast new light” on Woody and Mia. But really, after we’ve seen it on TV, read about it, and heard about it on the radio, it’s old news. New light or not, by now we all wish they’d turn off the light and say goodnight. Entertainment Weekly (which I truly enjoy) needs to be on the cutting edge, not in the mulch patch.
Edward A. Villafranca
Sheffield, Mass.


I was truly looking forward to tuning into producer Diane English’s Love & War until I read (in News & Notes) about her scab crew. As a union worker who has been locked out of a job for the last four months due to a newspaper strike, I’d sooner stare at a blank wall than watch this show. Tell Diane she’d fit right in at the Pittsburgh Press! It’s not ”old-line thug tactics,” as she puts it, but ”New Age boycotts” that will put an end to union busting!
D.G. Reinhart

Diane English seems to forget that American people, especially working American people, do not like seeing union people being replaced by scabs. I as an American will do everything in my power to get the word out about Miss English and her show. I also plan to write the sponsors of the program — and if it means shunning their products, I most certainly will.
Cissy Miller
Kenner, La.


I was disgusted to see the article about the ”Let’s ‘Ice’-T-shirts.” Can we American citizens feel safe when police take it upon themselves to rob us of our First Amendment rights, then promote vigilante violence against an individual? A policeman’s job is to protect us, not threaten us. It seems to me that by promoting these T-shirts the police have shown themselves to be no better than the person they oppose.
Justin Applebury
Lebanon, Mo.

It’s not okay for Ice-T to sing about being (or wanting to be) a cop killer, but it’s okay for an ex-cop to market the ”Let’s ‘Ice’-T-shirt”? Have IQs and ethics taken a sharp decline while ignorance and fear skyrocket? This sort of tit-for-tat mentality is exactly what we don’t need. I guess the message that the ”former police officer” is sending out is ”Do as I say, not as I do.”
Scott Workman
Eugene, Ore.


So Michael Jackson and Madonna have sold more albums than Prince. There are a lot of people who have sold more albums than Prince. But how many can go into a studio, without a creative entourage, and create an album? By themselves, alone? How many of their albums say, ”Written, arranged, composed, performed and produced by…”?
Brenda Manuel
Neptune, N.J.

In reply to your question, ”Is Prince really worth more money than Madonna or Michael Jackson?” Yes, he is.
Darrell L. Brown