Geena Davis, Madonna, and James Hetfield made headlines this week

By EW Staff
Updated October 09, 1992 at 04:00 AM EDT

SOME KIND OF HERO: Long before Geena Davis faced death by fire in Hero, she faced death by water in real life. ”I was on vacation in Mexico last year, and a wave sucked me way out. I felt, ‘This is it.”’ Swimming to a tiny island of rocks saved her, but she doesn’t need true peril to feel threatened. She calls herself a ”recovering hypochondriac.” After watching a TV show about a football player with an aneurysm, she says she walked around for two years ”holding my head very still, worried that someone would touch it.”

GIVING ‘PAUSE: Though menopause affects half the population, it’s a subject rarely broached on prime-time TV. But Linda Lavin, star and co-executive producer of ABC’s Room for Two, says she’s menopausal and not ashamed. In fact, an episode is in the works in which Lavin’s character, Edie, will experience the same symptoms the actress has endured. ”It’s just another passage in life,” says Lavin. ”So I want to help deflate the onus of it.” With some humor, too. ”When I first started getting hot flashes,” she says, ”I convinced myself that there was too much down in my comforter.”

OH, BROTHER! Roger Clinton, Bill’s sib, hopes to sign an album deal before the November election. His demo, recorded last month with the Memphis Boys (who have played with Elvis Presley and Wilson Pickett), features Southside Johnny-style vocals by Clinton. ”Call me a whore,” says his producer, Mike Leech, ”but we are depending on his connections.”

CHECK YOUR INHIBITIONS: The most coveted party invite of the moment is to the Oct. 15 bash for Madonna’s new Erotica album and photo-fantasy book, Sex. Eight hundred of Madonna’s closest friends have already been invited to New York’s Industria Superstudio gala, which will debut an X-rated video shot during the making of Sex. Party producer Ronnie Davis says the decor, entertainment, and ”edibles” will keep with the lascivious theme. ”It will be a voyeuristic delight,” he says, ”shockingly appealing.”

BUDGET CUTS? When Metallica guitarist James Hetfield’s injury delayed the band’s joint summer tour with Guns N’ Roses (Metallica is now back on the road), GN’R poured their energy into two new videos for songs from Use Your Illusion I and II (including the upcoming single, ”Yesterdays”). Both were shot in one take for far less than the $1 million-plus gobbled up by their ”November Rain” video. But no austerity plan is afoot, says a GN’R spokeswoman: ”There’ll be five more videos like ‘Rain,’ and together they’ll tell a story.”

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