''Beverly Hills, 90210'' goes to college -- We predict post-high schools plans for Donna, Brandon, and Kelly

By EW Staff
Updated October 09, 1992 at 04:00 AM EDT

”Beverly Hills, 90210” goes to college

Like all teenagers, the 90210 kids will eventually have to face life after high school. Now that the gang is beginning to make college plans, here are Entertainment Weekly‘s predictions:

DYLAN MCKAY (LUKE PERRY) Having come into his gargantuan trust fund, he buys a rural Swiss chalet because Brenda tells him to. To torture her parents, they move in together and a scenic, Green Acres-type spin-off ensues.

BRANDON WALSH (JASON PRIESTLEY) At New York University, he falls for a brainy school newspaper editor, flips burgers part-time at Manhattan’s fictional Watermelon Seed cafe, counsels twin sister Brenda long-distance, takes over community service projects, saves New York from despair. Basically a rerun of his high school years.

BRENDA WALSH (SHANNEN DOHERTY) The good news is, Brenda and Dylan finally learn to have guilt-free sex. The bad news is, her parents catch them in the kitchen and, as punishment, exile her to the Swiss Alps for the summer.

KELLY TAYLOR (JENNIE GARTH) While pursuing a career as a body parts model, she moves into a West Hollywood clothing-optional apartment complex called Melrose Place. Despite her trust fund, she whines incessantly about cash-flow problems in order to fit in with the neighbors.

DONNA MARTIN (TORI SPELLING) She signs on to an extended foreign exchange program in Europe — not realizing it’s Eastern Europe. After a soul-searching year on a goat farm in upper Macedonia, she returns with a really killer collection of hand-knitted sweaters.

DAVID SILVER (BRIAN AUSTIN GREEN) The youngest 90210 student spends the rest of his life going to summer school on a quixotic quest for his final math credits. No Doogie Howser he.

STEVE SANDERS (IAN ZIERING) At age 21, Steve realizes his lifelong ambition: competing on Studs. His hopes are dashed when he blanks on the question ”If Candy were a book, which one would she be?” The last book he read was Judy Blume’s Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.

ANDREA ZUCKERMAN (GABRIELLE CARTERIS) During her first year at Harvard, she lands a reporter position on the daily newspaper, the Crimson. By winter break, she is editing the paper’s new, full-color fashion supplement.

ERIN SILVER (PLAYED BY VARIOUS INFANTS) By the time the sequel, 90210: The High School Years, debuts, David and Kelly’s little sister is — quite miraculously — a 15-year-old sophomore at West Beverly High. Kids — they grow up so fast on TV.

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