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By EW Staff
Updated October 02, 1992 at 04:00 AM EDT

Mail from our readers


I would like to thank you for the 1992 Fall TV Preview issue (#135, Sept. 11): It was great — so full of information. However, a comment by Chad Lowe, who plays the character Jesse on Life Goes On, bothered me. He said, ”I mean, if Jesse wants to just kiss Becca, they have to have a meeting about it.” Well, that shows that the Life Goes On staff is being very responsible about what they air about AIDS. I think it’s great.
Tammy Shupe
Berlin Heights, Ohio

Your Fall TV Preview has shown me just how unoriginal television is. With all the worn-out sitcoms and 90210 and Northern Exposure wannabes, I think I might not watch TV at all this fall.
Lisa Knust
Latham, N.Y.

Holly Robinson’s statement about not having a problem being Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper’s ”T&A” disgusts me. It’s women like her who perpetuate the notion that a woman’s sole use is to be an object for men to ogle. So what if a black woman has never been portrayed that way before? Robinson is doing all women a disservice. Never mind having real talents. P.S.: I’m not a dumpy ”hausfrau.” I’m 23 and damned cute, along with having many real morals and qualified talents.
Rachel Bremilst
Norfolk, Mass.


In response to a reader’s concern for the wilderness areas used in the production of The Last of the Mohicans (#136, Sept. 18), I would like to assure her the film company went to great lengths to minimize any adverse environmental impact. The staging of integral scenes did require some sites to be cleared, but elaborate plans were stipulated before the first tree was cut. These included removing all sets, replanting and reseeding the affected areas, resurfacing existing trails and access roads, and upgrading some sites to exceed their previous condition. Whenever possible, sets were constructed using raw materials from the disturbed areas. These efforts, plus the infusion of millions of dollars into the local economy, lead us to believe our presence in North Carolina was a positive experience for all concerned.
Rodney Liber
Beverly Hills, Calif.

Editor’s Note: Liber was production executive on The Last of the Mohicans for Twentieth Century Fox.


Regarding your review of the film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, did you watch it with your eyes closed? Are you familiar with the original series at all? Of course nothing would add up to someone who isn’t a fan and doesn’t understand the entire plot. Any film that ranks eighth at the box office while playing on less than half as many screens as anything else on the weekly chart is hardly ”dead.” This film never had a chance because of opinions like your magazine’s. James and Annette Johnston Hemet, Calif.

Correction: Our Fall TV Preview reported incorrectly that Star Trek: The Next Generation will end in May 1993. The date of The Next Generation’s final voyage has not been determined.