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By EW Staff
Updated September 25, 1992 at 04:00 AM EDT

Mail from our readers

Fahion Show
With the number of young, talented actors these days, I am disappointed you put Drew Barrymore on your cover (#134, Sept. 4). I can’t help but think that she looks like a little girl pretending to be grown-up. All the silly clothes, red lipstick, and bleached hair will never hide the fact that she’s just a lost 17-year-old girl caught up in the Hollywood glitz. The fact that she has a sad excuse for a mother is perhaps why she’s turned out as she has. I suspect when the both of them grow up, life will be less shallow.
Stacey A. Conca-Monfils
North Providence, R.I.

I enjoyed your article on hats. But what really filled my heart with pride was the picture of the young men and women proudly wearing their hats with the Malcolm X logo. As a former inner-city teacher, I have seen the media portray black pride as something inherently bad. It is refreshing to see how one picture can demonstrate true pride and a sense of positive direction. I applaud your magazine.
Mark S. Brown

James Dean did not wear a leather jacket in Rebel Without a Cause, as you say in ”Leather Report.” He wore a red windbreaker.
Todd Johnson

Novel Ideas
Because there are people of wit and conviction at Carol Publishing who support my work, I feel it necessary to put my statements to your magazine (in News & Notes) into proper perspective. My statement that my novel Negrophobia ”slipped through without anyone at Carol actually reading it” referred to the editorial meeting where it was decided to purchase my manuscript; at that point no one in the company had read the book except for its acquiring editor, Dan Levy. I was applauding Dan’s ability to sell the company on my manuscript by the sheer power of his words. Negrophobia is a cultural assault on a grievous flaw in the American character, and there was no way a corporate-minded New York publisher would have consented to publish such a book had it actually been read. Due to Dan’s reputation, the company trusted his judgment. Unfortunately, Dan left Carol before the book was published.
Negrophobia was inherited by editor Gail Kinn, who understood the voodoo-based polyrhythms of my prose and did an amazing job in turning my pages into a finished book. I look forward to working again with her and with Steve Brower, whose brilliant cover art authentically reflects my book’s satiric intents.
Darius James
Address withheld upon request

Your article on Darius James’ novel Negrophobia was relatively accurate. Although Mr. James’ accusations that our firm is not adequately promoting his novel are quite ridiculous, you did report them properly as the author’s opinion. But the reporting with regard to the Citadel Underground line was inaccurate. Although we may not be active in acquiring new original titles, our original mandate to republish out-of-print cult classics is unchanged, and many new releases are planned for next year.
Steven Schragis
Carol Publishing Group
New York City