Video Giveaways -- A sampling of free videos that come with the purchase of items, from action figures to yo-yo's

Video Giveaways

It’s not only deluxe anniversary collector’s sets that come loaded with extras — video companies have entered the knickknack business in earnest. As an added bonus, the gizmos listed below even come with their own videotapes. Start your collection now.

ARNOLD ACTION FIGURE He said he’d be back. The foot-high mini-Schwarzenegger strikes a macho pose, has articulated limbs, and makes GI Joe look like a little girlyman. Comes With: The original 1984 Terminator — which is somewhat confusing, since the doll is billed as a T2 figure. Item: B- Tape: A

FREEDOM OF INFORMATION FORM Fill out the pre-addressed, preformatted Freedom of Information request form, affix a stamp, and you too can find out what the FBI has on you in its files. Comes With: The Secret Files of J. Edgar Hoover, an overinflated documentary investigating how the longtime FBI chief used gossip-packed classified dossiers to blackmail politicians and private citizens. Item: A Tape: C+

YO-YO A classic polished-wood yo-yo. Comes With: The Smothers Brothers Yo-Yo Man Instructional Video, which Dickie narrates while Tommy performs tricks like walk-the-dog and around-the-world. Learn these and Mom will like you best, too. Item: B Tape: B+

KNIFE Want to carve amazingly creative jack-o’- lanterns, just like folksy Wisconsinite Gordy ”the Pumpkin Man” Falk? All it takes is a supply o’ punkins, a what-the-hell attitude, and one of these six-inch shocking-orange ”Pumpkin Kutter” knives. Comes With: Gordy’s video, How to Carve Great Faces for Halloween. Item: B- Tape: B+

TRADING CARDS Classic horror and sci-fi movie posters are here shrunk into pocket-size ”Cardiac-Cards” that should appeal to buffs and investors alike. Comes With: Amazing Worlds of Science Fiction & Fantasy and Famous Monsters of Filmland: Hooray for Horrorwood, two behind-the-B- movie-scenes documentaries hosted by former cult-‘zine editor Forrest J. Ackerman. Item: B Tapes: B+

GARTER and PEARLS A lace garter, a strand of pearls made of the finest ersatz materials, fake Strip-o-Bucks (for inspiration), and a diploma play key roles in the ecdysiastic education of devoted spouse Debra Lee, who confides on the tape that she has ”always fantasized” about stripping for hubby. Comes With: The tastefully unpretentious Original Home Video Strip Kit, in which viewers get a video-eye view of Debra’s techniques. Items: C- Tape: B+