The Playboys

A romantic triangle set in 1957 in an Irish village ”that looks like the last place God made,” The Playboys ought to get an Oscar for Special Achievement in Gloom. Robin Wright is the town’s scarlet woman, who won’t tell who the father of her baby is. Battling alcoholism, obsessed policeman Albert Finney wants desperately to marry her. Along comes handsome Aidan Quinn, who wants to take her to Dublin with his traveling theater company, the Playboys. Will she make the healthy choice? the movie asks, like a dramatized woman’s magazine article with a brogue. Popular in theaters, The Playboys will probably appeal to viewers looking for a tape to match their own miserable mood on an off evening. Others may find that it strains too hard to create a dark poetry, suffers from stylistic anachronisms, and is simply depressing. It’s just not everyone’s cup of hemlock. C+

The Playboys
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