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Mail from our readers

Tree Lines
Was I reading correctly? ”Hills were leveled, 38 acres of trees cleared” to re-create a fort for The Last of the Mohicans (#133, Aug. 28)? The North Carolina wilderness was invaded, defiled, and destroyed for the sake of a movie? Now that filming is done, is the studio going to leave the set standing in what is left of the woods? Twentieth Century Fox should be responsible for the damage it has done to our already bruised and abused environment. The set should be taken down and the area replanted with trees. We fight to save the tropical rain forests, but the trees closer to home are also important to the planet’s well-being. Is it really worth a couple of hours’ entertainment?
Nancy Barrett

Emmy Grate
Many thanks for Mark Harris’ article exposing the painful absurdities of the nominating process of the Emmy awards. If the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences were to adopt all of Harris’ suggested reforms, I might just start watching the Emmy broadcast again. But I’m not holding my breath. Any group that could honor War and Remembrance over Lonesome Dove is, as the French say, pas serieux.
Miles D. Moore
Alexandria, Va.

Kent Lament
NBC’s treatment of Arthur Kent is appalling. While they demand freedom of speech for their news broadcasts, management punishes the individual for telling his side in a contract dispute. NBC should apologize to the gentleman for compromising his reputation, and Mr. Kent should be reinstated because he is a good journalist.
Renee A. Fought
Perrysburg, Ohio

I applaud your coverage of the Arthur Kent debacle and I understand his frustration. You see, he hit the core problem at NBC right on the head — no respect for the intelligence of anyone outside of 30 Rockefeller Plaza. That includes the audience. Well, Mr. Friedman and Mr. Gartner, instead of solving the problem, you killed the messenger. Neither Arthur Kent nor any of his crew is a coward or a neurotic. They were guys doing their job who happened to | believe that truth doesn’t take a backseat to profit. Congratulate Mr. Kent on upholding the integrity of all his colleagues and send his resume to ABC, where they respect quality.
L.M. Merchant
Greenville, Pa.

Deep ‘Fried’
Ty Burr’s review of Fried Green Tomatoes and his ”editing” suggestion (to watch only the scenes with Mary Stuart Masterson and Mary-Louise Parker) were ludicrous. He seemed obsessed with finding lesbian undertones in the film. True, the novel contained lesbianism, but it was wisely deleted from the movie. I hope everyone ignores his inane suggestion and watches this rich, uplifting film in its entirety. Mary-Louise Parker, Jessica Tandy, Kathy Bates, Mary Stuart Masterson, and Cicely Tyson are magnificent. Perhaps I’ll do some editing of my own and skip his misguided reviews in the future.
Brad Lindsey
Tifton, Ga.