Glenn Quinn of ''Covington Cross'' -- The Irish actor and ''Rosanne'' star tries to downplay his sex symbol status

Covington Cross

As daughter Becky’s brooding biker boyfriend Mark on ABC’s Roseanne, Irish actor Glenn Quinn has set teen hearts racing; now the network hopes he’ll become the medieval Luke Perry as Cedric, the sensitive son on Covington Cross. But not if he can help it.

”They want to sell me as the 90210,” Quinn seethes, too livid to finish his sentence, ”And I just f—ing despise that whole thing. I know for a fact that they’re going to try to market me as the young… you know… and Christ, I’m going to stay out of it as much as I can.”

Avoiding sex symbol status is only one of many travails Quinn has encountered making Cross, which shoots on location at a castle in Kent, England. He has had to master horseback riding (his only previous experience was ”as a kid, taking silly pictures with cowboy hats”), sword fighting (”It’s f—ing scary,” he says, extending his arm to show off his scars), and wearing Kenneth Branagh’s knee-length pants from Henry V (”I put a rip in ’em,” he confesses, ”so I think (the costumers) are pissed”).

Quinn, 22, grew up in Dublin but moved to California four years ago. He worked construction in Long Beach, lost his brogue, and two years ago won his recurring role on Roseanne, which he’ll continue this fall when Mark and Becky elope. ”It took me a while to get used to her,” he says of Roseanne Arnold, the series’ star. ”When I first went in, she was like ‘Who are yewww?’ She’s a hard woman to break, but now when I go by, she runs up and gives me a hug.”

As a Middle Ages devotee, Quinn says he is excited to be working on Cross. ”It’s like dressing up for Halloween and getting paid for it and having people actually watch it,” he says. ”You know, like millions of people.” Then he adds: ”Well, hopefully.”

Covington Cross
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