Eva Gabor's Miss Bianca -- Disney infuses the actress' personality into her ''Rescuers'' character

By Suelain Moy
Updated September 18, 1992 at 04:00 AM EDT

In The Rescuers and The Rescuers Down Under, Miss Bianca may be a mouse, but she’s anything but mousy, thanks to Eva Gabor and the animators at Disney. ”We tried to reflect Eva’s personality, ” says veteran Disney animator Ollie Johnston, recalling Gabor’s first visits to the studio back in 1974 to record the character’s voice. ”She sparkled. She was always so outgoing and gregarious. We even put a little hat on Miss Bianca like the one Eva wore.”

Fifteen years after the original Rescuers arrived in theaters, Gabor, 71, still says delightedly: ”All my mannerisms they have. All of them. And they have my eyes. It is an amazing thing. After a while, you think it is exactly me. Like I have a habit of pushing my hair up-and that little mouse pushes her hair up.”

Gabor had been cast by Disney as an animal’s voice before — as Duchess, the beautiful white Persian cat in 1970’s The Aristocats. ”I used to be petrified of cats,” the actress says. ”I finally loved the character so much that now I have a cat, named Lisa Douglas (Gabor’s memorable character on TV’s Green Acres).”

So are there any well-dressed Miss Biancas running around Gabor’s Beverly Hills mansion for Lisa Douglas to pursue? ”Oh, no, dahling,” Gabor says daintily. ”I still scream when I see one.”