America's Least Wanted

These real-life ”Wayne’s World” types took approximately three minutes out of a busy skate-and-schwing schedule last spring to slam together some frat-party humor and garage metal. The snot-propelled single ”Everything About You” pushed their EP As Ugly As They Wanna Be to platinum and made Ugly Kid Joe the band every dues-paying rocker loves to hate. The Joes are not untalented — Whitfield Crane IV is one of the better vocal chameleons since Robin Zander’s first cheap tricks, and Klaus Eichstadt is an equally adept string slinger. But America’s Least Wanted is a weak attempt to pad Ugly out to LP length with Lynyrd Skynyrd licks, Mister Rogers jokes, a scarily straight Harry Chapin cover (”Cats in the Cradle”), and ”Mr. Recordman,” the most pathetic love song to a record company ever written. These kids should have quit while they were ahead. C-

America's Least Wanted
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