By Alanna Nash
Updated September 11, 1992 at 04:00 AM EDT

Hi-Five makes pop/soul that’s as deep as a tissue and just as disposable. But that lightness, best exemplified on the chirpy hit ”She’s Playing Hard to Get,” makes them enjoyable. Their strengths are puppy-love odes, such as ”Mary, Mary,” and ballads, such as ”Quality Time,” in which boy likes girl so much he’s willing to turn his pager off. (Ah, love in the ’90s.) Unfortunately, the myriad of producers on Keep It Goin’ On clutter things with the kind of whiny, meandering vocal pyrotechnics that have become the trademark of slick male R&B. Pleasant as Hi-Five can be, you can’t really tell them apart from most of the new-jack kids on the block unless you’re one of their moms.